Hussain AlSayyad

Hussain has a background in science and research. He has tutored at the University of Queensland in Australia and lectured in Biology and Chemistry at the College of Health Sciences in Bahrain. He has also taught IGCSE level chemistry at the secondary level in Bahrain.

Hussain develops student programs that incorporate 21st century learning skills and STEAM education. Particularly looking at the design, implementation and monitoring of innovative science-related programs. He is also part of the Microsoft Education community and is a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) and has completed online training in the use of Minecraft Education Edition.

Hussain holds a distinction in Teaching Through English: Primary Math and Science from the NILE Institute in the United Kingdom, and completed a course in Quality Assurance from the Canada Global Consulting and Training Centre, Vancouver, Canada.

Areas of Expertise

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools

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